We offer services in English, Spanish and Japanese.

Film Related

1.Negotiation & Consulting

The negotiation of the acquisition and sales, and international film productions.
we can be not only communication liaison but also negotiation consultant.

We have assisted in closing several agreements between European, American, Latin American sellers and Japanese distributors.

2. Japanese subtitle

From the translation to the production of subtitled DVD, BD-R, HDCAM, and DCP.

Subtitle Translation

・”Viridiana” Luis Buñuel (DVD)
・”Challenges” “Huellas de un Espíritu” Victor Erice
・”Michael Jackson:The Final Days” CNNj, etc.

3. Subtitled Material Production

・Our films are subtitled and distributed by ourselves with the cooperation of our friend laboratory.

4. Interpretation and Translation

Interviews and press conference of the actors and directors.

・Carlos Bermut (“Magical Girl”)
・Jauma Baraquero (“REC4”) Phone interview
・Jose Luis Guerin (“The City of Silvia” etc.)
・Pedro Almodovar (“Broken Embraces”)
・Javier Baldem (“No Country for Old Man)
・Guillermo Arriaga (“The Burning Plain”)

Event Related

-Communication Liaison
-Planning and programing in three languages
-Supervisor, Bilingual Director, etc.

・ICT seminar hosted by the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications of Japan
・TOYOTA Latin America 60th anniversary (Caribbean)
・TELECOM NEC Water World (Geneva)
・JVC Euro Cup Final Match Party (Lisbon) etc.